Barclays Visa Black Card - A New Exclusive Card

The Barcalys Visa Black card is a new, exclusive credit card offering from Barclays Bank with great features and benefits. Imagine a super exclusive credit card with a limited membership, a 24 hour concierge, made out of carbon graphite, and you have the Barclays Visa Black Card.

The Barclays Visa Black Card is an exclusive credit card offering from Barclays Bank of England.  This credit card is intentionally exclusive, and available to those with excellent credit and significant income levels.  With a very rich rewards program ad personal, individualized service it certainly is a very attractive card.  There is a limited membership for the card, so not only can not everyone qualify for the card, but even if you do, you might not be accepted as they may close the membership before you apply!

So, what are the features and benefits of this card?

- Limited Membership:
  Not everyone can get a Barclays Visa Black Card.  In fact, even if you qualify, they may not issue you a card if they close the membership, adding to the exclusive feeling of the offer.

- 24-Hour Concierge Service:  Need a travel reservation?  Need a recommendation for somewhere to dine?  Barclays Visa Black Card has you covered.  Just call your dedicated concierge service line 24 hours a day and they will help you.

- Exclusive Rewards Program: The Barclays Visa Black Card rewards credit card program is very rich.  It is really one of the best in the industry.  Choose from travel to gifts to hotel stays.

- Luxury Gifts:  Maybe one of the most unique features of the Barclays Visa Black Card program  The team at Barclays scours the marketplace for unique luxury gifts to offer them to cardholders at great value.

- Patent Pending Carbon Graphite: 
The Barclays Visa Black Card itself is unique.  It is made of a patent pending material, carbon graphite.

As you can see, this card is very attractive for the right consumer.  But, it does come with a hefty price tag.  With a $495 annual fee, it is one if the highest annual fee credit cards available today.  Te card can pay for itself, however, if you take full advantage of the rewards program and concierge services.
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