Business Credit Cards-Small Business or Corporate

Businesses benefit a lot from the use of business credit cards, whether they're small business credit cards or corporate credit cards. Although in many ways a small business credit card is very similar to a corporate credit card, there are also many differences between the two business credit cards, with each of them having their own special features.

Small business credit cards are usually listed in the name of the owner of the business whereas a corporate credit card will be issued in the name of the company or organization. The owner of a small business is the one that keeps the financial accounts current and handles the financial end of the small business credit card. The corporate credit cards, however, are usually handled by an accounting team or a special software program because one specific employee will not have personal responsibility for the corporate credit card charges. Whereas the owner of a small business is responsible for repayment of the small business credit card, the organization or corporation is responsible for repayment of the corporate credit card rather than all the individuals users of the card.


Seldom do you see corporate credit cards advertised in the traditional media as you see with small business credit cards. Small business credit cards are very similar and all offer the small business owner similar benefits. When you're looking for a small business credit card, there'll be a huge selection to choose from and many of them are advertised in the media, at lending institutions or online. Large businesses and organizations will usually buy corporate credit cards. When a large business or organization requests a corporate credit card, they have specific requirements that will depend on their business and business needs. The options they can choose for their corporate credit cards are usually custom-tailored for their specific business by a specific entity offering or selling the card.


Corporate credit cards and small business credit cards both offer special features to entice the businesses but small business card holders get more offers of rebates, cash back, frequent flyer miles, etc. then you'll see with a corporate credit card offer. Before you choose a specific type of business credit card, look at all your options and choose the one that most suits your business needs.

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