Credit Card Offers of 0 APR Balance Transfers

Credit card offers of low interest, low APR, 0% introductory APR and even 0% APR balance transfers are seen everywhere today. These credit card offers, as good as they seem, should be looked over carefully before accepted. Business credits are often the credit cards that are requested in the 0% introductory APR and 0% intro balance transfer credit card offers. 0% intro APR balance transfer credit cards are beneficial business credit cards as they give the business owner the opportunity to consolidate their other credit card debts and replace them with one low interest or 0% intro APR credit card.

Credit card offers for credit cards with special deals like low interest, low APR business credit cards or 0% introductory APR are made by different credit card companies so each offer is going to be unique. Always read the fine print and ask questions before you apply for a specific credit card. Many of the credit cards have additional bonuses besides 0% introductory APR or low APR or low interest. Some of the 0% intro APR balance transfer credit cards extend this introductory period to over a year while others may only offer it for 3 months and follow it with a high APR. Some personal or business credit card offers of 0% introductory APR and balance transfers will only allow the 0% APR on the balance transfers and will charge you interest on any new purchases, while other credit cards may give you 0% intro APR on balance transfers and purchases.  If you're planning on making all your transfers and purchases within the first couple months and then paying them off, the interest rate after the 0% intro APR period is up may not be of that much importance to you. However, most people that get personal or business credit cards intend to use them for a long time so low interest or low APR should always be important, as well as other charges and fees the bank or credit card company may charge.
Businesses often choose to use business credit cards not only for the 0% intro APR or low interest rates but also because most business expenses are tax deductible. Business credit cards with low interest or low APR make it much easier for the business to be lucrative and carry the maximum inventory and merchandise. Always choose the credit card offers that offer the most.
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