Discover Review

Discover is one of the best known credit card companies in the world. The focus of their business is the Discover credit card, but they offer many different services, most of them connected to the cards they offer.

Discover Credit Cards
Discover credit cards come in over 150 different designs. You can get a different design for every cardholder on your account. There are actually fifteen different categories of designs, including Patriotic, Scenes of America, Vacation Escapes, World Views, Botanical, Clear with Aquatic Wildlife, Dogs, Wildlife, Clear, Decades, Graphics, Monogram, Art, Hobbies, and Sports. They offer a Discover credit cards called Discover 2GO, which is in a unique size and shape making it easier to carry around. The Discover 2GO card offers the same rewards as your standard Discover credit card. You can choose which people are allowed to use your Discover credit card, and they guarantee that your personal information will be kept private and secure. 
Online Services
Most of your Discover credit card services can be managed online. You can update your personal information, such as address changes or authorized users, cancel a card or get a replacement, and receive email reminders so that you don’t forget to pay your bill on time. You can receive your Discover credit card statement online instead of in the mail, thereby saving paper and clutter. It also makes it easier to pay your bill immediately online through your bank account, so that there’s no mail delay. Your online statements are always available on the Discover credit card website, and you can get your year end statement when it’s time to do your taxes or adjust your yearly budget.
Rewards Programs
Discover offers many different rewards features for discover credit cards. You can earn a cash back bonus, which means that you get at least 1% cash back fr every charge you make on your Discover credit card, but you could get back much more, as much as 5% to 20%. Different merchants have different arrangements with Discover that encourage customers to use their Discover credit cards, and give them more cash back. You can get travel bonuses and frequent flyer miles, as well as discounts at selected merchants such as restaurants, gas stations, and pet stores.   You can also get rewards for paying your bills on time over a time.
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