Instant Approval Credit Cards Only for Good Credit

Credit cards are everywhere today as well as credit card offers. Every credit card company is competing with the next one to give you the best possible deal, including offering you instant approval credit cards. These credit cards are exactly what their name states which some conditions, however.

What they mean is that they'll approve you for a credit card instantly IF you meet their criteria, which are usually good credit scores. Unfortunately, many individuals find out the hard way that their credit scores are not what they thought they'd be and don't understand the reasons. Although there are many things that may affect your credit scores, here are a few of the most common things.
Being Late on Payments
This is a big NO-NO and the largest reason for low credit scores. If you're planning to apply for one of these great instant approval credit cards offered everywhere, you better have made all your other payments on time. You may still be approved even if your scores are less than perfect but you won't be given the great terms and benefits as an individual with higher scores. Signing up for auto-pay is a great way to ensure your payment will always be on time.
Too Much Credit
If you have too much credit, this will also affect your credit scores. You can have a mortgage and six credit cards that only have small balances on them each and this will still affect your credit scores. The fact that the cards have small balances only means that you still have the opportunity to max them out. This may also affect you being approved for instant approval credit cards.
No Credit History
If you've never had credit, unfortunately, you're almost treated the same as if you have bad credit, at least as far as your credit scores. It's often very difficult for a young individual to be approved for that first line of credit, when they have no credit history. If you shop around, there are credit card companies that offer secured credit cards or unsecured credit cards for first time buyers. These are both great opportunities for you to build your credit.
Too Many Inquiries into your credit
The mistake that many individuals make when they decide to get a credit card is to apply for several of them at once. The unfortunate thing about this is that each time you apply; it shows up on your credit history as another inquiry. These credit inquiries are like little black marks on your credit score and they will stay there for two years. Keep this in mind when you start applying for these instant approval credit cards.
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