Rewards and Special Program Business Credit Cards

Business credit cards are a great asset to small and large businesses. While small businesses use small business credit cards and large businesses choose corporate credit cards, there are some similarities. Most advertisements you see for a business credit card are a small business credit card.

Corporate credit card offers are usually for cards that are tailor made specifically for large businesses or organizations. However, credit card offers tend to make special offers to small and large businesses. These offers can help cardholders of both corporate credit cards and small business credit cards.
Small business credit cards can come with a lot of features that can really help a business owner. In addition to providing quick access to credit for managing your cash flow, a small business credit card can offer rewards, rebates and cash back, which can add up to saving a lot of money for the business owner. Both corporate credit cards and small business credit cards come with much better introductory APRs as well as lower interest rates overall than personal credit cards. Many small business credit cards offer a 0% introductory APR as well as 0% balance transfer cards. Small business credit cards may offer 0% on either purchases or balance transfers or possibly on both. This type of business credit card offers the owner a lot of flexibility in handling finances.
When applying for small business credit cards or corporate credit cards, also check the introductory interest rate as well as the rate after the introductory period is up and read all the terms and conditions of the card. Business owners often will carry two business credit cards. One will be a low interest small business credit card or have 0% APR with balance transfer ability while the other business credit card will be for purchases and expenses and is paid in full each month. By doing this, the business owner is able to take advantage of the cash back that may be offered on business related expenses such as gas or supplies. Other bonuses that are seen on small business credit cards but not as often with corporate credit cards are travel rewards and airline miles, which can be redeemed for free airline trips, upgrades to seating or last minute purchases for travel. These bonuses and rewards can really add up when extra users or employees are added to the business credit cards.
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