Traveling with Frequent Flyer Air Miles

Many people that travel or fly frequently get many of the airline tickets free thanks to the rewards they get from their airline miles credit cards. These rewards come in the way of free points for each dollar spent on your credit card. Although airlines may vary with their policy, most of them offer 1 mile for each $1 spent in purchases. Some airlines offer a double reward (double points) if you use your airline miles credit card to purchase your airline line. If you travel a lot on a certain airline, frequent flier air miles cards are a great way to build up your rewards miles fast.

There are many types of reward cards avail today. If you are a frequent flier, frequent flier miles cards are your best way to go. There are also credit cards out there that will help you to acquire more miles for future airline travel. These are the ones you may want to check out, but always compare the different credit cards before actually getting one so you're getting the best deal, in the way of free miles or rewards, interest rates and fees. It won't pay for you to get flier miles airline cards that give free miles if you're paying a high interest on your credit cards.
Airline mile credit cards are good choices if you're a frequent flier because they offer more than just free miles towards free airfare. Many of these credit cards will also offer free companion tickets, concierge service, affordable first class upgrades, emergency funds, etc. another consideration you need to take before choosing the type of credit cards you want is how you generally pay your cards. If you plan on carrying a balance on your credit cards, you definitely should look for a card that offers low or 0% intro APR with balance transfers. You'll save money on these cards. Although many airline reward cards require you to pay your balances each month, you'll save money on transferred balances.
If you don't carry balances on your credit cards, a reward card is an excellent choice. In addition to getting airline miles for travel, many of these rewards credit cards offer cash back, points, gas, rebates or rewards for travel and hotel expenses. Many rewards cards give you points for every dollar spent at designated stores (gas stations, supermarkets, etc.)
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