Balance Transfer Wizard

Would you like to save thousands on credit card interest payments?  Then you should take advantage of credit card company offers to transfer your balance from a high rate credit card to a 0% rate credit card!   
Why do credit card companies offer 0% introductory interest rates, sometimes for a year or longer?  They want your business! Credit card companies know that in order to get it, they need to offer you big benefits for you to become a customer.  What bigger benefit than to offer you thousands in savings!  
How much can you save?  Enter your current balance, current interest rate and current monthly payment in our balance transfer tool to the right. We'll search hundreds of offers instantly for you, showing you the best offers, and how much you can save!
What is the Balance Transfer Wizard?
The Balance Transfer Wizard calculates potential interest rate payment savings using your current credit card information and presents offers that can save you money.
How does it calculate results?
The Balance Transfer Wizard analyzes hundreds of credit card offers and makes the following calculations using the following assumptions:   Assumptions:
  1. You will have the new card and transferred balance minus payments for at least 24 months.
  2. You will make the monthly payment specified, and not go into default.
  3. 100% of your old credit card balance is transferred to your new card.
What the Balance Transfer Wizard does not take into account:
  1. New purchases
  2. Annual, overdraft, maintenance, balance transfer, or any other fees.
  3. Interest rate changes or adjustments, such as a default rate or variable rate changes.
  4. Other APR's, such as a cash advance APR.
  5. Balances affected by a grace period
  6. Any other circumstance that affects the interest rate or fees associated with your new card.
Are the savings guaranteed?
The introductory and standard APR calculated for the new card offer may vary among applicants. Depending on the issuing bank, applicants may be issued those rates depending upon certain credit qualifications, and other criteria.  In short, not every applicant will receive the same APR for every card, so the savings may vary.
Do I have to register or commit to anything by using the Balance Transfer Wizard?
No. You can use the Balance Transfer Wizard as often as you wish free of charge.

What are the terms and conditions for the Balance Transfer Wizard and this website?
Our terms and conditions can be found here.   In summary, we cannot guarantee calcualted projected savings.  Please use the results of the Balance Transfer Wizard as a guide.
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